Yellow Bakery Review

Yellow Bakery Review

As far as bakeries go, it’s hard to beat Yellow Bakery in the Gothic Quarter. Maybe I’m biased, but I think that sourdough bread is the best kind of bread, and Yellow Bakery are masters of sourdough. Yellow Bakery was actually founded by an Australian, so it’s not your typical “Spanish” bakery. But hey, good bread is good bread, right?

Yellow bakery interior
So much sourdough!

Yellow Bakery is tucked away in one of the Gothic Quarters’ many winding streets. It’s a cozy little shop that you’ll miss unless you are looking for it. In fact, when I first found it I realized that I had walked by it a dozen times without realizing it. They specialize in sourdough, which means they have your standard blond, whole grain, and spelt loaves, but they also have a daily menu and rotate through a dozen or so different flavors. My favorites so far have been the olive bread (kalamata olives!) and the charcoal bread (especially toasted with cream cheese. yum!).

olive sourdough bread
Look at that beautiful crumb!

In addition to the bread, Yellow Bakery sells the most amazing focaccia sandwiches. These alone are good enough to go out of your way to find. And at €3, these sandwiches are a steal in the Gothic Quarter. They typically have both vegetarian (cheese, tomato, spinach, and olive oil) and non-vegetarian (salami, cheese, spinach, tomato, and olive oil) options. Be sure to finish it off with one of their rich chocolate brownies or carrot cake!

There are a few bakeries that I will travel across town to visit, and this is definitely one of them. You can’t beat the quality, and they are always changing things up and trying new flavors so every visit is something new. Next time you are in the Gothic Quarter, be sure to stop in and give Yellow Bakery a try, and let me know what you think!

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